Last updated: July 15, 2015

Upcoming Conferences

PAAA Meeting and Spore Camp
August 23-26, 2015 Petersham, MA

This “Planning for the future of PAAA” meeting will focus on discussion of future directions and activities of the PAAA; no formal presentations are planned. In addition, some of the time will be spent on “Spore Camp” activities which involve self-directed, but collaborative, identification of airborne spore types and their sources outdoors. Contact Mike Muilenberg for more information (

12th European Course on Basic Aerobiology
July 20-26, 2015, Rzeszow, Poland

8th Advanced Course on Aerobiology
August 16-22, 2015, Siauliai University, Lithuania 

6th European Symposium on Aerobiology
European Aerobiology Society
July 8-24, 2016, Lyon, France

11th ICA
September 3 -7, 2018, Parma, Italy





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