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Aerobiology 1999, Tucson, Arizona
PAAA members convened in Tucson, AZ. for the Annual Symposium of the PAAA, Aerobiology'99 (May 28-June 1).

This time we were greeted and treated by Mary Kay O'Rourke, Mervi Hjelmroos, and David N. Byrne, Organizers of the Symposium. They succeeded in making it a new and exciting experience, both scientifically and socially. We were glad to find Mary Kay, the former energetic Secretary Treasurer of the PAAA, once again sharing in the Society business.
The program consisted of twenty-six abstracts. It went from the Coccidium Symposium covering a subject of medical and veterinary interest, to the AFAR Panel submitting a white paper aptly titled "Aerobiology: coming of age in a new millenium". This paper discussed the application of expanded information resources and new technologies in aerobiology studies. No less interesting were the several papers on pollen and spore image analysis and computerized keys, long distance pollen transport, and indoor and outdoor air contamination.
For the "Unknown" sessions both the slide projector and a multiple-viewer scope were available. As usual, many "unknowns" were dropped from this category. However, almost as many new ones were added to it.
The prize in Tucson was in the outdoors. We enjoyed beautiful views everywhere we went. Views of the city itself, views from the Desert Laboratories at the Tumamoc Hill, so much to enjoy visually at the very special Desert Museum.

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