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ARTICLE 1: The name of the Association shall be “the Pan-American Aerobiology Association” (PAAA), here after referred to as “the Association”.

ARTICLE 2: The Association has a mobile residence at the address of the Secretary.

ARTICLE 3: The purpose of the Association shall be: 1) to promote aerobiological research in the Americas, 2) to stimulate cooperation and communication between aerobiologists in the Americas, notably by sponsoring scientific conferences, 3) to promote aerobiology teaching and studies in the Americas, 4) to be the privileged means of communication between aerobiologists in the Americas and the International Association of Aerobiology (IAA), 5) to be the spokesman of aerobiologist's interests toward other private or public organizations or institutions

ARTICLE 4: Individual members shall be those engaged, or interested, in aerobiology research or its applications in related disciplines in the Americas.

ARTICLE 5: Supporting organizations are institutions, universities, corporations, industries, or government agencies that are committed to, or wish to support, aerobiology.

ARTICLE 6: The constituent bodies of the Association are: 1) A general assembly, consisting of the members meant in Article 4, 2) an executive committee appointed by the general assembly.

ARTICLE 7: The general assembly shall determine the general policy of the Association.

ARTICLE 8: The executive committee shall organize and manage the Association.

ARTICLE 9: The executive committee shall consist of: 1) The President, 2) The Vice-President, 3) The immediate Past-President (or second Vice-President), 4) The Membership Secretary-Treasurer, 5) The Recording Secretary, 6) The Chair of the next conference organizing committee, 7) Newsletter Editor 8) Webmaster 9) Up to threee at-large members as specified in Article 12.

ARTICLE 10: Members of the executive committee are elected for two years, except for the Chairman of the next conference who is newly nominated at each general assembly meeting.

ARTICLE 11: The executive committee and the general assembly shall meet once a year, if possible, during a scientific conference of interest to aerobiologists.

ARTICLE 12: The executive committee membership shall be representative of the geographical distribution of the PAAA membership in the Americas. Up to three at-large members shall be elected by the executive committee, within a reasonable time following a general election, to best achieve such representation.

ARTICLE 13: The general assembly shall nominate a Chairman to head the organizing committee of an annual conference. This conference could be replaced by an international conference on aerobiology.

ARTICLE 14: The quorum of the executive committee is three members.

ARTICLE 15: The quorum of the general assembly is twenty members.

ARTICLE 16: The President of the Association shall be President of the general assembly.

ARTICLE 17: The Secretary-Treasurer shall appoint the administrative staff; conduct the day to day work of the Association; assist the executive committee and the conference organizing committee; represent the Association in legal matters; and submit an annual report on the finances of the Association.

ARTICLE 18: The President of the Association shall represent the Association towards other organizations or institutions; be responsible to the general assembly for the implementation of its decisions and resolutions; present an annual report on the activities of the Association and its future directions.

ARTICLE 19: The executive committee shall establish commissions, committees or working groups to execute the activities of the general assembly; prepare an annual budget; recommend the Chairman of the next scientific conference to the general assembly.

ARTICLE 20: Financial responsibility for the annual conference shall rest with the organizing committee, not the Association.

ARTICLE 21: The general assembly shall consider, approve or amend reports from the executive committee; decide on additions and alterations to the rules of procedure; determine fees payable by members and supporting organizations; elect members of the executive committee.

ARTICLE 22: The business of the Association may be conducted by correspondence.

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