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International Botanical Congress

The International Botanical Congress was held August 3, 1999 St. Louis, MO, USA

Aerobiology: The Importance Of Airborne Pollen And Fungal Spores In Ecology, Agriculture, And Human Health
Symposium sponsored by the PAAA and IAA
Organizers: Estelle Levetin and Paolo Mandrioli

Aerobiology is an interdisciplinary science that studies the passive dispersal of airborne organisms or their products in outdoor or indoor environments. As such this field is of interest to researchers studying ecology, plant pathology, mycology, palynology, allergy, immunology, epidemiology, indoor air quality and paleoecology. This symposium presented a current view of several aerobiological topics.

1. Paul Comtois: Overview and history of aerobiology
2. Frits Spieksma: Atmospheric pollen and pauci-micronic particles as allergen carriers
3. Giuseppe Frengueli: Phenoclimatic models for pollen forecasting
4. Estelle Levetin: The air spora
5. Christine Rogers: Indoor fungal contamination and mycotoxins
6. Charles Main: Modeling long distance transport of plant pathogens
7. Mervi Hjelmroos Koski: Image analysis and airborne pollen identification




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