Historical Museum of sampling equipment


Since I started studying airborne particles, I learned about the different air samplers built by different researchers. I have seen some of them, sometimes the sampler itself, sometimes photos appearing in publications. But, probably as most of other young aerobiologists, I have not a personal experience of seeing them at work. A number of these samplers, specially those with an historical value for Aerobiology, seem to just have disappeared. Which I hope is not the case. The creation of "An Aerobiology Museum" is certainly a beautiful dream. For which the collecting air samplers with historical value is the first step. I myself, sponsored by the Departement of Geography, at the University of Montréal propose to those who possess that kind of material join us in this "ambitious" project.

This collection is not to foreseen as a static exhibition in one location, but will be a "traveling exhibition" that can be a wonderful educational addition to any Aerobiology meeting. Therefore the items that would be used for this exhibition are not expected to be permanently given to the Museum, but as any material presented in modern exhibitions it would remain property of the donating institution. Between exhibitions items could be safety deposited under to responsibility of the University of Montréal.

This can seem the most ambitious project you have ever heard of but it could be a very important step for future aerobiologists who will always want to know the way Aerobiology evolves. Air samplers can tell them a lot of information on Aerobiology, thus the importance of such a collection.

It is probably now the best time to try to save the artifacts of the history of Aerobiology before these instruments become archaeological pieces.

Please join us in this project. Who knows, probably our 2002 meeting will host the first Air samplers history exhibition.

For more information contact Beatriz Escamilla Garcia, Département de Géographie, Université de Montréal, C.P. 6128 Montréal, QC. Canada, H3G 3J7. bescamil@mail.nysed.gov



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Last updated: July 15, 2015