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Flow of Life in the Atmosphere: An Airscape Approach to Understanding Invasive Organisms

by Scott A. Isard and Stuart H. Gage. Michigan State University Press 2000 ISBN 0-87013-550-3, 304 pages $38.95. To order, go to:
Methods in Aerobiology

by Mandrioli, Comtois and Levizzani (eds.).Pitagora Editrice Bologna 268 pp. ISBN 88-371-1043-X is a new book of interest to PAAA members.

Available from:
Pitagora Editrice
via del Legatore 3
40138 Bologna

Cultural Heritage and Aerobiology
Methods and Measurement Techniques for Biodeterioration Monitoring
Mandrioli, Paolo; Caneva, Giulia; Sabbioni, Cristina (Eds.) 2004, 258 p., Hardcover, ISBN: 1-4020-1622-0
Aerobiology is interdisciplinary: its application fields range from respiratory diseases to the airborne outbreak of animal and vegetal diseases and to the biodegradation of substances and materials. The latter is the subject of this book. The purpose of aerobiological research applied to the conservation of cultural heritage is to evaluate the risk of alteration by airborne microorganisms of materials forming artefacts of historical, artistic and archaeological interest. Airborne spores and vegetative structures may develop on different substrates and may be a cause of degradation, in relation to the types of materials, the microclimatic situation and the pollution of the conservation environments.
Published by Springer (2003).
Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control
(ACGIH Publication #3180 $89.00 ISBN: 882417-29-1. 1999. 322 pages. Janet Macher, Editor)
Expanding far beyond its predecessor, this new text offers a comprehensive guide to the assessment and control of bioaerosols in the full range of contemporary workplaces.
The new Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control was written by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists - Bioaerosols Committee with contributions from other experts in specific areas. The diversity in professional backgrounds and specialties of the authors ensures comprehensive, informed coverage of a broad spectrum of critical issues in the topic area.

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Allergy Pollen Key with Images
by Mary L. Jelks
The "Allergy pollen Key with Images" is a 22 page manual with ring binding to
make it useful as a desk side reference (10 x 8 in.) when a pollen seems not
to fit the usual groups while counting pollens. The first page separates
pollens by morphology listing page where it is shown with color images, sometimes
with equatorial and polar views.
The manual can be purchased via personal check of $10.00 sent to :
Mary L. Jelks, M.D,. 1930 Clematis St., Sarasota, FL 34239-3813, USA
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